Virtual look at the Warwick Hall (2) courses

For those preparing for Warwick Hall (2) and looking to enter in the next few days take a look at the proposed xc course plans via There’s a change of route for the 100’s who’ll follow the Novice course to the far end of the Estate while the 80’s and 90’s see some alterations from WH(1) heading into and out of the wood by the river. The Novice course includes a minor change at the Water. All the xc portable fences have been relocated to give fresh take off and landings and the SJ arena has moved to its alternative location per usual. The App includes some video taken a few weeks ago and illustrates the combinations in action along with images of most of the fences. We have 30 spaces each for the 80’s and 90’s; 50 spaces for 100’s and around 20 for the Novices. The late fee date has been set back until 10pm this coming Sunday evening. Take a look… and we look forward to seeing you in a few weeks. Thank you.