2019 Robinson Udale Cumbria Riders Challenge Trophy



The 5 events included will be Frenchfield (1 & 2), Warwick Hall (1,2 & 3)

1st = 10 points; 2nd = 9 points; 3rd = 8 points; 4th = 7 points; 5th = 6 points; 6th = 5 points; 7th = 4 points; 8th= 3 points etc

The rules of this Challenge are set out below.



Cumbria Riders Challenge Trophy 2019

Sponsored by Robinson Udale Accountants

An accumulator points championship for same Cumbrian horse and rider combinations competing in any of the Cumbrian BE affiliated events in the same year, specifically for Cumbrian based riders.

  • The combination has to compete in any of the following sections, BE 80, BE 90, BE100 and Novice, the best of 4 scores for the same rider/horse combination. Open are now included.
  • Horse and rider combinations will achieve points from 10 down to 1 for official placing from 1st to 10th
  • The winner will receive the Trophy and other prizes for gaining the highest number of points.
  • 2nd and 3rd will receive rosettes to commemorate the challenge.
  • Cumbrian riders will automatically be entered for the challenge.
  • The winner will be announced at the final prize giving of the last Cumbrian event of the season.  The trophy will be presented at The Mane Event Ball in early November (10th).
  • In the case of a tie, the rider/horse combination nearest the optimum cross country time at the current event will be the winner. In the case of there still being a tie, the person with the best score from the bottom 4 marks on the dressage test from the current event will be the winner.
  • In the case of any event being cancelled it will be an accumulator of the remaining events. In the case of only one event running the trophy will not be awarded in that year.
  • In future years further Cumbrian events may join the challenge and the existing events withdraw however a minimum of two events need to be involved.
  • The Winner’s name and the horse’ name will be engraved on the Cumbria Challenge Trophy silver salver. This will remain the property of the associated horse trials.