2019 Maiden Marine Winter Series Timber Trials Schools Team Accumulator

Maiden Marine Schools Team Leader board.

Points = 1st – 5, 2nd – 4, 3rd – 3, 4th – 2, 5th – 1 point


  • Results are required from 2 different events to be included in the Accumulator
  • The rider & horse’s best single result from an event is counted
  • Only in exceptional circumstances may a rider use a result achieved on a different horse in subsequent events where a rider’s first horse (which already had a minimum of 2 results) has been either sold or temporarily/permanently retired.
  • Similarly, a team may substitute a rider/horse combination not competing for any other team as the competition progresses up to a maximum of 6 members.
  • Placings are made 1st – 5th where there are 10 or more entries in a class and 1st-3rd where there are less than 10.