New Year, new dates

Looking ahead to next year, we’re pleased to announce 5 BE Affiliated weekend fixtures, 5 Eventer Derby Trial events and 5 schooling days.
Full details will become available on our website, and BE schedule information may be found on the BE website early in the New Year.
Entries remain open for the upcoming Arena Eventing at Blackdyke on 27th December HERE Further indoor competitons will take place at Blackdyke on 24th Jan, 28th Feb & 28th March.
Dates for next year….
2021 BE Affiliated Horse Trials
Frenchfield on May 1/2 – BE90,100, Novice & U18 90/U18 ON
& September 11/12 – BE90,100, Novice
Warwick Hall on 22/23 May – BE80,90,100, Novice, U18 ON & 19/20 June – BE80,90,100, Novice/NRF, & 24/25 July – BE80, 90,100/5YR,Novice AND 80/90 Team Challenge
2021 Eventer Derby Trials
Frenchfield on 9th May & 1st Aug & 15th Aug- 75, 85, 95cm
Warwick Hall on 6th June & 4th July – 75, 85, 95cm
2021 XC Schooling Days
Frenchfield on 3rd & 4th May
Warwick Hall on 25th May, 22nd June & 26th July
Thank you to all our volunteers, supporters and competitors who kept the sport alive this year and to our sponsors and family who make it viable and enjoyable.
All being well, pandemic lockdowns excepted, and fair weather too, we look forward to seeing everyone next year 🌞
Thank you, stay safe.