A reminder from British Eventing for BE80(T) competitors

New for 2019, any competitor with an eligible rider membership wishing to compete in a BE80(T) without a Horse Season Ticket, will now only need to purchase a Horse Day Pass.

Previously riders at BE80(T) level without a Horse Season Ticket, competed on Training Passes, but from 2019 these will not be in use. Full, Day Pass and Supporter Membership types are all eligible to purchase a Horse Day Pass to compete in an unlimited number of BE80(T) classes, without the need to take out a Horse Season Ticket. Owner membership types can also purchase Horse Day Passes, but the rider will need either a Day Pass, Supporter or Full membership to compete.

For Day Pass and Supporter Members who would like to compete in BE90 to Intermediate Novice level classes, they will need to purchase both a Rider and Horse Day Pass and will only be allowed a maximum of four Rider Day Passes per season.

In order to compete at any level without restriction, riders will need a Full Membership and horses will require a Horse Season Ticket, which will also allocate that horse with ballot stickers for priority entries.

Day Pass Membership is £15 for the calendar year and Horse Day Passes are £16 per entry, plus the event’s entry fee. For more information on membership types, Day Passes and Season Tickets can be found HERE