BD Team Quest season underway

The first of 5 BD Team & My Quest rounds organised by Cumbria Horse Trials will run on Sunday 5th May at Frenchfield near Penrith and there is already a number of U21 and Open Teams coming forward.Competitors will take part in a single dressage test of their chosen level from Intro, Prelim and Novice and over the series will aim for a place in the Regional Final in early autumn.  With 5 rounds a team can win 10 points for coming first in each up to the maximum of 50.  British Dressage maintain a leaderboard of teams across their regions to determine which teams will qualify for the regionals.  All teams and riders and horses must be registered under the BD Quest membership scheme and have an approved team name to compete.Each round will feature different tests to keep riders well focused on their performances.Good luck to all those competing at Round 1. Dates 2019: 5th May, 26th May, 23rd June, 28th July & 26th August. Entry may be made here after registering with BD.

START TIMES for Sun 5th May HERE

Dates 2019: 5th May, 26th May, 23rd June, 28th July & 26th August.