BE Novice classes at Frenchfield and special BE90 & BE100 Newcomer sections

Having enjoyed a successful first year with 2 events at Frenchfield in 2018, we are very pleased to announce the classes will now include a Novice and Open Novice to join the BE80, 90, 100 and BE105 Classes. 

Equally exciting is the introduction of a special BE90 Newcomers Section for any horse or rider who has competed in no more than four BE events.  Similarly, there will be a BE100 Newcomers Section for any horse or rider who has never competed at BE100.  Competitors simply have to specify there eligibility on the entry form. 

Further, there will also be a prize awarded in each Novice Section to the highest placed amatuer rider who is competing a maximum of two horses in this BE season.  The rider is NOT to earn a living competing/producing horses.  Again, please state eligibility on the BDWP entry form.

Building on the cross country courses will commence in late March for the new Novice track and this will see the undulating features included along extensive use of brushed-up fences and with some new solid rustic portable obstacles.  The Novice course will be contained to around 2500m with 27-28 jumping efforts and represent an appropriate first or second run at this level.   We are awaiting confirmation of the excavation of a pond in the centre of the grounds, before incorporating a water fence for the BE and unaffiliated events in time for the Summer and Autumn fixtures.

‘Harry the Hedgehog’ will be out of hibernation, with a new coat and will feature in the Novice course in 2019.

Entires open on 22nd March at

Frenchfield (1) Schedule for 27/28 April 2019:

Frenchfield 1   27/28 April 2019
 Class  Days  Test  Fee  Ins  Total  Start Fee
 BE90  Sat/Sun  BE96 £70.36 £7.56 £77.92 £17.00
 BE100  Sat/Sun  BE108 £70.36 £7.56 £77.92 £17.00
 BE100open  Sat  BE108 £70.36 £7.56 £77.92 £17.00
 BE105  Sat  BE110 £74.40 £8.00 £82.40 £17.00
 Novice  Sat  BE131 £85.78 £9.22 £95.00 £22.00
 Open Novice  Sat  BE131 £85.78 £9.22 £95.00 £22.00
 BE80(T)  Sun  BE96 £70.36 £7.56 £77.92 £17.00
 BE90open  Sun  BE96 £70.36 £7.56 £77.92 £17.00