June 2020

With BE fixtures now progressively returning, the sport has nevertheless to address some deep underlying issues.  Its ability to generate new members, retain them and place them on pathways to keep them competing requires its own depth of vision to meet a changing market place.  Riders must now consider which of the many and often conflicting opportunites to compete in will best serve their wishes.   The governing body, event organisers, and trade partners will all collectively now need to ensure their business models can deliver well differentiated services.  Having a clear sense of direction which can be provided efficiently and with exactling minimum standards will be critical to everyone’s viability.  The pandemic has focused many minds on what is essential rather than desirable or bureaucractic.  With many organisations across all sectors now facing depleted reserves, unreliable cashflows and with on-going liabilities to repay, all stakeholders in the sport will need to rationalise if we are to survive.  What the sport will look like in 2021 is up for consideration and we would urge all with innovative ideas but with an eye to business risk and market conditions, to make their views known.