Eventer Derby #4 at Frenchfield scheduled for 1st August has been amalgamated into the weekend of 14/15th August at Frenchfield.

We need to give ourselves more time to get the next Maiden Marine & Ruth Clark Equestrian Eventer Derby up and running at Frenchfield, and therefore we’ve decided to amalgamate the event scheduled for 1st Aug into the weekend of the 14/15th August.  On Saturday 14th August the standard 75-80cm, 85cm and 95cm Eventer Derby classes will run and be joined by a ‘Pick A Fence’ class.  On Sunday 15th there will be a Trainers Training Day for instructors to bring their pupils (in groups of no more than 4) for 1.5 hour sessions.  Tickets for all the classes and training sessions will be made available very soon.  Keep an eye on the SHOP page