Finale Eventer Derby 2019

There was great spirit at today’s Eventer Derby and huge thanks to our volunteers and judges for yet more support to allow these events to happen.
Winners and top placings are credited to…¬† FULL RESULTS HERE

95cm 1st to 5th Junior
Isobel Smith Baileys Lady Rose
Fern Anderson Lilly
Rowan McMaster Billyray
Emma Donnan Mr Blue Sky
Jess Chapman Goodheys Carousel

95cm 1st to 5th Senior
Kate Pattinson Even Sarco
Louise Forrest Supreme Pearl
Krystal Anderson Chocolate
Linsey Spence Connie
Barbie Clarkson Projo
Joanna Dinnis Tabitha

85cm 1st to 5th Junior
Jackie Hartley Monagor Tilly
Kacey Finch Maisie
Jemima Stewart Coshla Grorge
Olivia Jones Drumaweel Ronan
Mira Tallentire Rosie

85cm 1st to 8th Senior
Leah Coultherd Dakota Star
Natalie Knowles Kincon GT
Janette Irving Dunard Reflex
Shirley Panter Jackson
Caroline Wilson Moors Lady
Graham Smith Pride
Pamela Hewitt Cynthias Storm Dancer
Amy Dixon GoodLuck
Sarah Brockbank The Amber Nectar

75cm 1st to 8th Senior
Susan Chappelhow-Lacey Izzy
Chloe Kendal Grantstown Cavalier Lady
Fiona Lloyd Ridgehill Elfin
Jill Weatherhead Cronin’s Sam
Anna Woodhead Bellissimo
Laura Evans Miss Boomrella
Tamar Miller Up North
Ruth Clark Roo

75cm 1st to 3rd
Anna Hope Johnstone Syvagergards Sascha
Erin Smith Bruno
Eden Coultherd Shadow

65cm 1st to 6th Junior
Miles Thomas Domino
Kate Hollister Grandis Snowflake
Gabby Saysell Osborne Betty
Lilly Main Horace
Hettie Walker Tommy
Holly Hudson Gunna be victorious

65cm 1st to 6th Senior
Emma Marshall Solway Star
Susan Chappelhow-Lacey Pony Peepings Aragon
Sue Bell War Joey
Helen Fenwick Peter
Joanne Gaffney Miss Mallo
Jemma Davenport Champagne