Frenchfield schooling opportunity 4/5 July

Would those now entering for Warwick Hall (3) 18/19 July and interested to school their horses around Frenchfield, we wish to hear from you.  There is a strong possibility we can open a number of the Frenchfield obstacles  next weekend on Saturday 4th/Sunday 5th July including (bank, steps, water, corners, island fences and ditch combination) for individuals, or groups of max 4 with an instructor.  The fences would be predomiantly BE90/100 with some BE80 and Novice obstacles also set out and all fixed down.  Riders would be expected to arrive, enjoy their schooling (max 45 mins per horse) and depart.  Social distancing must be observed at all times.  Riders would be welcome to gallop their horses across the undulating terrain on the mown grass.  There would be a maximum of 2 groups on site at any one time and therefore places will be limited.  All booking would be via the SHOP on the website from Wednesday 8am until full. Please email if you are interested: