Holiday time!

We’re off to Coll for another glorious week on the immaculate beaches.¬† Thank you to Janette for staying and to Jane and Amy for looking after the house, animals, horses and garden.

Bon voyage!

Until we return here is our Top 10 guide to going and staying in Eventing in 2019

  1. If you like it then do it – it should not be compared to BS, BD, endurance, showing or racing.
  2. Do as much eventing as you can afford.
  3. Expect to make mistakes, have bad days, good days and occasional great days. Do not expect to win your entry fee back.
  4. Given it often rains heavily and events get abandoned, you pay insurance and will get your entry fee back.
  5. The entry fees are fixed by BE and generally rise in line with inflation. Entering late costs more money and rarely helps anyone. The start fee is variable at Organisers discretion.
  6. At present amateurs and professionals are treated alike. However, some very experienced riders may not participate in the lower level classes.
  7. Day ticket Members receive many membership benefits similar to full members.
  8. The network of BE events is carefully considered before the annual fixtures lists are published
  9. Many affiliated events choose to run unaffiliated events using the same rules, regulations, guidelines, trained personnel and safety equipment developed by BE giving newcomers an opportunity to run horses without gaining records.
  10. The army of volunteers needed to run eventing is critical – try to help the sport by offering to jump judge, steward or score.