Keeping safe, keeping going, keeping up to speed

As we move into further periods of Covid related restriction throughout the region we must all become fully aware of our responsibilities to observe regional and local restrictions.  It is our entrants responsibility to ensure they may travel for equestrian outdoor activity outside their personal and local area.  It is not for the Organisers to inform, withdraw or refuse entrants as this would involve intrusion into people’s database of addresses they have provided and excessive inquiry into their personal circumstances.  Neither do we wish to encourage or will accept fellow entrants, neighbours or competitors to implore us to police entrnats.

It is our intention to continue to run our events, where we are legally allowed to do so, and in full cooperation with local Council agreement.

As we move into 2021 we will be keeping well up to speed with  technology and using this website to bring people scores, live action and latest news.

Thank you.