Kelsey wins the Maiden Marine Timber Trials Series in great style with Muhammad Ali

Huge congratulations to Kelsey and Muhammad Ali for winning in great style this afternoon and over a technically difficult course.

95Plus cm class:
1st Kelsey Mclachlan, Muhammad Ali
(Pictured with John Ettridge, Director of Maiden Marine from Windermere)
2nd Beri Brown, Laddy
3rd Annie Sandell, Midnight maelstrom
4th Blythe Moore, Just Joey
5th Thomas Collier, Barney

The overall leader board Top 5 concluded after 5 rounds.

Individual Series Title:
1st Kelsey Mclachlan – Muhammad Ali 17points
2nd Emma Marshall – Solway Star 15 points
3rd Richard Nichol – Avalon V 14 points
4th Sarah Ettridge – William 12 points
5th Kelsey Mclachlan -Chilli Dip 12 points

Well done also to the Jedburgh Grammar School team on a commendable win in the inter-schools challenge (Points to be confirmed)

Lacy Mclachlan
Kelsey Mclachlan
Becky Forster
Jackie Hartley

And, huge thanks must go to the hard working and dedicated team at Blackdyke Farm for their care and attention for all those who’ve competed over the winter.

The series will re-commence next winter with the following dates for your diaries…

24th Nov, 22nd Dec 2019, 26th Jan, 23rd Feb & 22nd March 2020.

Full results 24th March

60cm Horse. School Time  diff +/- Jump Place
Emma Marshall Solway Star 123.05 -0.95 0 1st
Louise Hufton Sox 128.18 4.18 0 2nd
Rachel Eather Leading Man 129.82 5.82 0 3rd
Derek Lightfoot Splash 130.96 6.96 0 4th
Olivia Atkinson Harry Patch Trinity 136.89 12.89 0 5th


75cm Horse.. School Time  diff +/- Jump Place
Heather Turner Marchie 122.75 0.75 0 1st
Richard Nichol SLF Artful 120.90 -1.10 0 2nd
Derek Lightfoot Splash 123.31 1.31 0 3rd
Kacey Finch Moychullen Turbo 120.67 -1.33 0 4th
Ellie Tremble  EV Kyra 123.38 1.38 0 5th


85cm Horse. School Teams Time  diff +/- Jump Place
Malcolm Mason Gabrial The Thug 120.21 0.21 0 1st
Heather Turner Marchie 119.70 -0.30 0 2nd
Kelsey Mclachlan Chilli-Dip JGS 119.65 -0.35 0 3rd
Sarah Ettridge William 119.60 -0.40 0 4th
Richard Nichol SLF Artful 119.56 -0.44 0 5th


95Plus cm Horse School Teams Time  diff +/- Jump Place
Kelsey Mclachlan Muhammad Ali JGS 116.71 -1.29 0 1st
Beri Brown Laddy Austin Friars 120.47 2.47 0 2nd
Annie Sandell Midnight maelstrom 123.76 5.76 0 3rd
Blythe Moore Just Joey 124.37 6.37 4 4th
Thomas Collier Barney 130.80 12.80 4 5th