Note to our competitors and owners coming to Warwick Hall 18/19 July

Hello, we are looking forward to seeing you this weekend at Warwick Hall.  A few things to remember in relation to the new ‘normal’ for the remainder of this eventing season:

Before the weekend:

  • Please remember to print your own numbers using link sent with your start times, or from the BE front webpage (or use links below).
  • This event is running ‘behind closed doors’, ONLY 1 support person per horse is allowed, plus the BE horse owner and his/her accompanying ‘bubble’ guest.
  • Please bring all your own desired PPE to the event e.g. gloves, masks and hand sanitiser.

Number Template for 999 and Under_0Number bib template_1-999

Number Template for 999 and Under_0

On Arrival:

  • You will be greeted by our welcome team. Please display your rider number.  You will be asked who is travelling in your vehicle, and everyone will be checked in for Test & Trace purposes.
  • Once on site you will drive past The Information Point, your number will be again be recorded and this will be your declaration of competing at the event.
  • Lorry parking will be by vehicle type and undertaken to BE guidelines, please inform the parkers if you require tying up outside & on which side or sides.
  • Owners travelling separately: we are looking forward to seeing you but please remember that it is one owner per horse, or two if you are in a bubble together. On arrival you will be asked to produce your BE membership card and asked the name of the horse.  Everyone will be checked in for Test & Trace purposes.  You will be parking in a separate location to the horse vehicles.
  • We are not able to produce hard copies of the programme however you will find an electronic version HERE (available on Friday 17th July)

At the event:

  • The Information Point, is where the Event Secretary will be based, please do go there if you require a farrier, or would like to know about lunging or need any assistance etc.
  • Please adhere to social distancing rules at all times. This includes no gatherings of more than 6 people.  Remember the stewards will not know if you are in a family bubble or not.
  • There will be a limited number of competitors allowed within the warm-up areas at one time. This will be signed outside specifying the number.
  • Coaches/trainers/assistants must stay ringside and will not permitted in the practice areas.
  • The dressage judges are providing comments at the end of the test sheet. If you would like your test, this can be sent to you after the event. Please provide a stamped addressed envelope & put it in the designated box at the Information Point.
  • At Show Jumping there will be stewards to ‘PUT UP/DOWN’ the fences for you, they are experienced competitors so will understand your requirements. They will be the only ones on foot permitted in the practise ring.
  • There will be limited public address and commentary at the event.
  • Alf’s Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Company, with their delicious bacon buns, Saddlebacks with their lovely coffee, Todds the Saddlers, Equine Products UK, and Tarrag Neagel along with Grossick Photographers and An Eventful Life videoing will all be at the event.
  • There will be hand sanitiser stations positioned around the site, including outside the toilets. Those of you with toilets facilities within your lorries, please do try and use them where possible.
  • Please take your rubbish home with you. Bin facilities are regarded as an area of contamination therefore usage is to be discouraged.
  • All results will be on
  • If you have any queries relating to the event, scores, penalties etc. you are required to contact the BE Steward or BE Technical Advisor to discuss your queries.

Steward – John Cartner – 07781 781869   TA – Rory Boswell – 07881 554894

Post event:

  • If you are placed, congratulations. Placing and prizes will be based on the number in the section as per the 2020 rule book. There is no prize giving over the weekend, and sadly no rosettes however please email us: – with your name, horse, number, section, placing and home address.  All prize claims must be received by 4th August for us be able to process your prizes within a month of the event.