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Frenchfield Horse Trials 1&2 May 2021

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Running under the Rules of British Eventing


After a very long winter we welcome everyone back to the sport in the North of England and especially look forward to seeing our neighbours from Scotland returning to competitive riding.  Thank you to Grant and Anna Rowley for allowing us to gallop over their pastures at Frenchfield and to Story Construction for their cooperation whilst developments are underway.  We also welcome back the officials, volunteers and supporters of the sport albeit once again under Covid restrictions and running the event behind closed doors.  The lead into this competition has been the driest we have known and the additional works to prepare the ground, and added to the set up time and effort to make things look well conditioned.  We trust everyone will enjoy the start of the season.  Our next event is at Warwick Hall on 22 & 23 May

Section Lists for Frenchfield (1) May 2021

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Organisers, Douglas & Lucinda Weymouth

BE Steward, Sue Stewart

BE Technical Advisor, Douglas Edward

BE Scorer, Jane Dalgleish

Secretary/Information Point: Kerry Ware & Dan

Covid19 & Health & Safety Officer, Chris Shaw

Welfare Officer, Douglas Weymouth

Doctors, Dr Theo Weston, Dr Ben Wyatt, Dr Chris Moss

Paramedics, Sedona Medics

Veterinary, Paul May, Paragon Veterinary Practice

Horse Ambulance, Excell

Farrier, Nathan Studholme

Communications, Y orkshire Sound

Chief Dressage Steward, Diane & Brian Bromley.

Dressage Judges: Janice Mercer, Cath Heaney, Ade Lanigan, Amanda Thompson, Janet Zaldets, Gaynor Booth, Jane Butler, Nancy Rowson, Fiona Veitch, Christine Cowe, Anne Price, Rosie Dugay, Pippa Broatch, Hannah Waugh

Show Jumping Course Designer, John Collier

Show Jumping Team: Margaret Kendall.

SJ Arena Party, Jane Moscrop, Zabrina Thompson, Jess Wharton, Jess Beckett

Cross Country Designer, Douglas Weymouth

Cross Country Steward, Jane Peters

Cross Country Builders: Keith Gowling, Francesca Weymouth, Morgan Weymouth, Andy Evans, John Ettridge

Cross Country Start Team, Linda Dodd, Janet & Chris Johnson, Gillian & Bethany Clark, Viv Murray

Cross Country Controller, Kate Letchford, Harry Park & Deborah Monk

Provisional Scorer, Deborah Monk

Vehicle Parking: Keith Gowling,  Martin Miceli,  Chris Hallam

Official Photographer, John Grossick (

Volunteer Jump Judges, Stewards and helpers:

Jane & Martin Miceli

Sarah Ettridge

Matthew Rippn

Helen Allen

Jen Graves

Ruth Walsh

Gina Martlew

Julia Sayburn & Paul Hughes

Liz King

Heather Henderson

Andy Evans

Breanne Kelso

Francesca Weymouth

Brian & Helen Acott.

Felicity Blyth

Jackie Moffat

Bethany Clark

Gillian Hammond

Bernedette Willetts & Justine Reid

Patricia Harrison

Poppy Hollins Gibson

Jenny & Stu Saint

Sarah Holmes

Sandra Ward

David & Helen Kerry

Jacquie Molyneux & Sue Morgan

Sue Morgan

Jane Monk & Angela Watson

Rebecca Ostle & Emily Foy

Nicky Morgan

Richard Towler

Julie & Neil Routledge

Viv Murray

Donna Simpson

Claire & daughter Salisbury

Gay Parkin & Marion Parsons

Susan and Roger Woodcock

Sue Russell & Chris Haston

Stephanie Hewison

Amanda Crudas

Emma & Lottie Walsh

Sarah Robertson &  1

Jacqui Dodds & Angela McGarr

Kay Smith

Holly & Michael Maxwell

Fiona & Jenni Wharton

Natalie Harling, Matilda

Jane Winter

Margaret Francis & Judith Streatfeild

Merlin & Jemima Dernie

Simon & Miles Thomas

Keith & Lizzie Mason

Dawn Swan & Kelly Swan

Aleece Stelmach

Grace Wood, Chloe Hurst & Sarah Frazer

Caroline Little

Angela Storey

Jackie and Sara Ireland

Emily Smith, Emma Heron, Sean Bewer

Anne Nichol

Jeanett Alberti

Shirl Heaney

Ellen Eccles

Dee Roth Brouwn

Daisy Barnes

Danny Haydock

Gill Threader

Amy Veitch

Mr Cowe

Mr Dugay

Sandra Morrison

Lesley Waugh


Event Timetable:

Saturday: Section A to M.  BE100, Novice, Open Novice, BE90

Sunday: BE90U18, BE90, BE90 Open, BE100, Novice, Novice u18Open.

Dressage Tests:

BE 90/90Open Class: BE Test 92

BE 100/100Open Class: BE Test 106

Novice/Open N: BE Test 111

Under 18 Novice: BE Test 114


Show Jumping Course Walk Times: See ‘Information Point’


Disclaimer of Liability:

Except for the negligence of the Organiser and his agents or others for whom in law they are responsible, the Organiser does not accept responsibility in respect of any acci- dent, illness or disease caused to or suffered by any Horse, owner, Competitor, specta- tor, sponsor and others present at the site of the event and their property and accoutre- ments. The Organiser has the right to cancel any class or event, to divide any class, to transfer competitors between sections of a class, to alter advertised times and, to refuse entry.


Event Health & Safety Policy:

General: The Event Organiser, named overleaf, has overall responsibility for health and safety and appoints a Health and Safety Steward, to ensure that all the appropriate Health and Safety legislation is complied with and undertakes to run the competition in accordance with British Eventing rules and guidance. The Health and Safety Stew- ard (primarily) and the Organiser are required to ensure the area of competition and those accessible to the public and other Officials are (so far as is reasonably practica- ble) subject to a risk assessment and that this, and a record of the actions taken, is documented in the events Health and Safety Plan.

Spectators: All reasonable and practical steps are taken to ensure the health, safety and welfare of those attending the event. Spectators are, so far as is reasonably prac- ticable; encouraged to acquire a programme which contains a map showing the differ- ent parts of the event site and suitable viewing locations. Spectators will also be di- rected clearly to wherever they want to go e.g. secretary’s office, toilets, first aid point or cross country course. Spectators will also be prevented from straying inadvertently into the path of oncoming horses by defined crossing points, signage, stringing, whistle blasts or public address announcements.

Emergencies: The emergency services at the event include the doctors, ambulances, vet and fence repair personnel. They have access to all parts of the site and can be quickly contacted through any steward, judge or official – most immediately through the issue of a personal radio. Accidents involving horses and competitors are well catered for and the appropriate officials are constantly ready to report these as they occur and to call for appropriate emergency services. Any competitor who has had a fall must be seen by one of the Doctors and passed fit to ride before riding that horse in another test or riding another horse.

Thank you.

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