XC Schooling Tue 22nd June Warwick Hall 6-7pm


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1 hour period,

Liability Disclaimer and Terms of Schooling to be signed before riding, please find organiser before starting on the course.

Standard Terms

  • Maximum of 4 riders per single group.
  • All Individuals must be accompanied by a responsible adult prepared in case of an emergency.
  • All Coachers/Trainers must be qualified and insured to provide such instruction.
  • Only fences identified by RED/WHITE flags may be jumped, keeping the RED flag on the right.
  • All accidents and injuries to be reported to the Organiser on site at time of incident or thereabouts.
  • Riders must ensure their horses are only presented at obstacles they are competent to jump.
  • Organisers accept no liability save negligence for any incidents, accidents to riders or horse or property whatsoever.
  • A maximum of 8 riders (or 2 groups of 4 riders) will be on-course during any 1 hour period
  • Hats should be to the safety standard in the current British Eventing Rules. Pony Club members should have their hats tagged.
  • Body protectors are compulsory.
  • Horses/ponies must not be left unsupervised tied up at trailers/lorries

Please remove or dispose of any rubbish in the bins provided and clear up droppings. Under no circumstances should droppings be left in the lorry park or any other area.

Thank you.