Sun 15th August – Trainers, Coaches & Clubs Day at Frenchfield

Available for Trainers, Coaches and Clubs secure 4 places for 2 hour sessions on the Frenchfield Cross Country and Show Jumping course. Max 2 trainers on course at any time.






Priced per session £150.00.  Available from SHOP

Liability Disclaimer and Terms of Schooling to be signed before riding, please find organiser before starting on the course.

Standard Terms

  • Maximum of 4 riders per single group.
  • All Individuals must be accompanied by a responsible adult prepared in case of an emergency.
  • All Coachers/Trainers must be qualified and insured to provide such instruction.
  • Only fences identified by RED/WHITE flags may be jumped, keeping the RED flag on the right.
  • All accidents and injuries to be reported to the Organiser on site at time of incident or thereabouts.
  • Riders must ensure their horses are only presented at obstacles they are competent to jump.
  • Organisers accept no liability save negligence for any incidents, accidents to riders or horse or property whatsoever.
  • A maximum of 8 riders (or 2 groups of 4 riders) will be on-course during any 2 hour period
  • Hats should be to the safety standard in the current British Eventing Rules. Pony Club members should have their hats tagged.