Thursday deadline for #4 Timber Trials Sun 24th Feb

Thank you to all those who’ve now entered this weekend’s Timber Trials. If you have yet to enter, kindly do so before this Thursday morning allowing Lucinda time to prepare the times for publication on the website later in the day. Thank you.

Just by way of clarification regrading the Equine Flu Vaccination cover; like so many equestrian events we wish to ensure all those attending will bring horses that have been vaccinated fully within the previous 12 months and preferably had their booster in the past 6 months and this is the advice currently coming from Animal Health Trust and the BEF. We are relaxed about the situation at this stage but vigilance is critical and ask all competitors to ensure their horses are healthy, certainly without showing signs of Equine Flu, before coming to the event.

Looking at the Individual and School Team leader boards, Richard Nichol (13 points), Jackie Hartley, Emma Marshall and Kelsey Mclachlan (9 points) are in strong contention with Jedburgh Grammar School (22 points) ahead of Trinity School, Carlisle (13 points) doing very well.

We hope to see you on Sunday for the Maiden Marine Timber Trials Round #4.