Winter programme of Timber Trials and Arena Eventing fixtures

We move into the winter programme of Timber Trial and Arena Eventing fixtures on the last Sunday of the month in Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb and March, all indoors at the superb Blackdyke Farm, Carlisle.  Highly organised, with the best quality fences, qualified judging and fun prizes!  for a very warm welcome at Blackdyke Farm, Carlisle.  Indoors!  The team at Blackdyke will encourage you in the classes which include a 65, 75, 85 and 95Plus.  There are 20 numbered fences.  The scoring is LIVE and immediate and ON-SCREEN – in the Cafe.  The prizes typically go 1st to 5th depending on starters in each class and points accumulate across the season.  There’s also a discount for entering more than 1 class and the entry fees are cheaper if you book in advance.  There’s also a family ticket for the season for 10 classes over the 5 events.  No need to be a Member but Blackdyke Riding Club Members may use a voucher code to acquire a further discount.


Dates:  Nov 25th, Dec 23rd 2018, and 27th Jan, 24th Feb and 24th March 2019.

Classes will include 65, 75, 85, 95Plus and include up to 20 fences with Jumping and Optimum Time rules.

£15 entry fee between 1st month to 15th month then £20 between 16th to Closing Date which is 4 days prior to event date.  CHT10 is the discount code for entering 2 classes or more and you apply this at checkout or sign up for the season and pay just a single ticket of £96 for 8 class tickets at any time.

ENTRY TICKETS available in the SHOP